The Wedding Planning Cycle

by Tammy Waterman on 05-24-2012

Submitted by our Friends at Special Moments Weddings and Events

Phase One: ENGAGED! You buy every magazine out there, you are on PINTEREST pinning everything in sight or up all night reading every wedding blog for inspirations and DIY projects and become overwhelmed with the prospect of all the colors, ideas, and many choices.

Phase Two: The planning process starts. It’s fun! Your friends and family are interested. Strangers in line at the grocery store know you’re getting married and before they leave the checkout they know your colors and number of bridesmaids. The whole world is happy for you!

Phase Three: Anarchy in the ranks. Why does your mother think hydrangeas aren’t appropriate? Why do your bridesmaids think they can pick out their dresses?

Phase Four: The wedding wall. “I have plenty of time, the wedding is months away.” You believe things will all work out, you just need a break from the planning for a couple of weeks.

Phase Five: “Oh my gosh! The wedding is almost here!” You panic that there’s not enough time to individually hand-stamp all the cocktail napkins or make all the favors! Help!

When you get to Phase Five, there is still time to hire a wedding planner to get you out of this phase.

Special Moments has different services available in all planning phases of your wedding. We also offer an A-La-Carte Pricing structure, where you as the Bride can choose what services you need help with and what services you can handle on your own. The other great part of this pricing structure is you do not have to choose all of your services when you book Special Moments, you can decide along the way, if it gets down to the wire, you can also add on more services if needed. Special Moments also offers a wedding planning package ( Treasured Moment) that includes complimentary use of our wedding decor inventory. That is a great value along with some definetly unique items that will Add to your wedding or reception at a fraction of the cost.  Special Moments also offers a complimentary “Meet and Greet ” session , so we can get to know each other and listen to your vision and ideas for your “Special Day” without it costing you any initial money out of your pocket.

For  information you can go to our website at and then click on the investment page to  review package options…


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