Communicate, communicate, communicate...

by Melissa Brown on 05-25-2012 in Wedding Tips


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Brides, imagine this scenario: your event is still several months away, you've made your checklist, and you are reaching out to vendors you have either researched online or who have been recommended to you through word-of-mouth referrals. You wait and wait, and they don't call you back or answer your emails. Sound familiar?


All too often, vendors do not communicate with their clients, and we all know that this leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.

Vendors, even if you are busy, it is essential that you make contact with potential clients right away. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1) Service matters. The first impression of the service that you provide is the initial contact, not the quality of your work. The outcome of your work may be stellar, but if you fail to get back to people in a timely way, they will write you off and move on. People are on deadlines and no one wants to work with someone who is flighty, because that sends the message that you aren't trustworthy. I usually follow the 24-hour rule for getting back to every inquiry. A few brides have actually admitted that when their choice came down to me and one or two other calligraphers, I was hired because I was the only one who called / wrote them back. Ouch!

2) Your reputation also matters. You may be a fantastic artist / vendor, but if clients have found you to be a "diva" to work with because you need to be chased down, your overall reputation will suffer, resulting in less-than-favorable client reviews and a bad "buzz". In short, the key is to communicate, even if it's to tell your clients that you're away from the office until X date (and remember to get back to them immediately upon your return), or if you need to push the deadline out for whatever emergency reason. You will definitely close more business and have pleasant transactions because you care.

And a final note to brides and their families:  if your vendors do not communicate with you, remember to follow up with them. Hopefully they are normally in touch and this is just a fluke, but just in case, it's good to reach out a second time to remind them that you are still waiting.

Wishing you all, as always, a stress-free experience! :)

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