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Every bride is different, every day is too. You need a photographer who treats every day as unique and special as it really is. Couples spend so much time planning every aspect of a wedding. Brentwood Photography prides itself on having an eye for detail. The bride’s laugh, or a father’s tear are things you can’t afford to miss remembering.
It is very important to be comfortable with your photographer as well. When you are relaxed and comfortable, it will be seen in your photos. Laughs will be real and smiles will be genuine when you have a photographer who is a pleasure to work with.
Shooting weddings for over 12 years now, Brentwood Photography has built a name for itself with fun staff, affordable prices, and most importantly, great photographs.You have enough to worry about. Let us take all the stress and worry out of immortalizing you wedding day!

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 Happy Bride!, 03-28-2012 07:01PM

By: Clinton

Where to begin?? First, I'll start with prices. Brentwood Photography was the first business I looked into when it came time to book my photographer, as I've heard very good things from numerous people. I thought his prices seemed very fair from the beginning. Then I began to look into other photographers (I had to give myself options!). Bad idea. Other photographer's prices STARTED where Brentwood's ENDED. Now, their picture's were great, but Brentwood's were so creative and seemed to capture the essence of each wedding, rather than the typical - stand here and smile, look there and smile.

I purchased the Elite Remembrance Package which gave me two photographers for the whole day. We started at the salon getting ready. Clinton came to the salon to get our "Gettin' Pretty" pictures and then met us at the church to really get the day going. He was great as I was getting ready. He made sure I was comfortable, making sure he was either out of the room or turned around until I was "decent" enough to have pictures done. It was great! During the ceremony, I didn't see either photographer once. I don't know how they got the photos they did because it seemed like they weren't even there, which was great because we really got to focus on each other!

Fast forward to the reception, my favorite part. As we were eating dinner, Clinton came over with an iPad, set it in front of us and said, "Compliments of Brentwood Photography". Tons of pictures were on a slideshow from the ceremony already!! And we got to watch it was we were eating!! It was absolutely awesome!! Not only that, but he had his computer set up for all of my guests to watch the slideshow as well, and even sold CDs with the pictures on it to the guests that wanted it! (I believe I was told they sold out!)

All in all, I could not have chosen a better photographer for my wedding. I am currently in the process of choosing the prints for an album, and it is going to be SO HARD as there are so many beautiful pictures!! You cannot go wrong with Brentwood Photography!

P.S. - Another really great thing about Brentwood is that Clinton will text with you. It's so nice to be able to send a simple text to ask a question than to have to set aside time in your schedule for an entire phone call!

Event Date: 03-03-2012

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