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by Clinton Lee on 03-29-2012 in Wedding Tips

In this day and age there are many couples planning weddings who believe that there are many different alternatives to hiring a professional wedding photographer. Many couples choose to have a family member or friend take their wedding videos and pictures. Others decide to allow friends to take the pictures, enabling the use of disposable cameras, or trusting friends to have remembered their digital cameras and to take worthy images of the event. While these may be good ideas, they do not usually work out well for the bride and groom in the long run.

Family members and friends rarely have the professional caliber photography equipment that is necessary to record an event as special as a wedding. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event for the vast majority of couples. If your relative or friend gets distracted during the ceremony or have inferior equipment, your memories of your special day could be compromised, ending in a large amount of disappointment for the bride and groom later. Someone who is related or otherwise close to the bride and groom will be easily distractible, something that you do not want in your wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer is someone who is professionally trained with a proven track record of success. They have sample pictures or portfolios to back up their work, and are a neutral third party. Much like a wedding planner, the professional wedding photographer is there to make the bride and groom's day easier, more enjoyable, not to interfere. They can provide you with the high quality images of your wedding day that would otherwise be missing.

The second option for amateur photography at a wedding is the disposable cameras. Some couples pass these out to guests at the door, others choose to leave several on each table at the reception, encouraging their guests to take all of the pictures. One of the problems with this method is that disposable cameras do not offer a good quality image. They are actually extremely limited in their functions. Though they are readily available now with a flash built in, they do not have many exposures per camera, they are expensive, and there is very rarely any zoom functionality available, little less the kind of zoom available to a professional wedding photographer. A professional will have excellent equipment made for just the kind of pictures that you will want to commemorate the day. They also have photography training and expertise that allows them to see shots that others will not, including those that your guests may take that you will not want. Where disposable cameras often generate dark, grainy pictures, a professional will have the appropriate experience to ensure that your photographic memories are of the highest quality.

While there are alternatives to having a professional wedding photographer, they should be used in addition to the profession, not instead of. A professional will be able to provide you with the high quality images that you will want, not the random, dark photographs that you will not.


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