Stephanie and Matt’s Destination Wedding {St Petersburg Beach Wedding Photography}

by Kimberly Romano on 05-27-2012 in Local Weddings

Stephanie and Matt’s Destination Wedding {St Petersburg Beach Wedding Photography}


From our Freinds at Kimberly Photography, LLC

This wedding was so special for me to be a part of.  Back in the day before I was blessed to start my photography company I used to work for the State Attorney’s Office which is where I met Stephanie.  She…was my supervisor, and an great one at that.  After leaving the SAO, I lost touch with Stephanie until we found each other on facebook.  Yay! It was great to catch up with her…then one day she told me she was engaged!  I was so excited and what was even more exciting was she asked me to capture it for her!  I was so honored and couldn’t wait for the wedding day….and to meet this Matt fellow.  (He turned out to be a good guy btw)  Since they are living in Alabama, they were planning a small wedding with only their closest family and friends here in sunny Florida on our beautiful beaches.  So, the big day finally arrives and there is rain in the forecast.  Really?  I arrive to the Bilmar Beach Resort, only to find that not only is it raining…but there is a huge event right behind the hotel, directly on the beach, which was literally turned into a parking lot.  In my 19 years of living here…I had never seen anything like it.  I was so mad…but then walking into Stephanie’s room, all I could hear was laughter.  They all knew what was going on and didn’t care.  It was what it was and she was not going to let it ruin her day.  By the time the ceremony was about to start, the rain had stopped and a lot of people had left the beach due to the rain.  Stephanie walked down the sandy aisle with a huge smile on her face and greeted her sweet groom waiting for her with a huge smile on his face.  The rest of the day was perfect…including the sunset.  Congratulations you two…couldn’t be happier for two amazing people. xoxo



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